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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-12-25

We hope you are having a merry Christmas.

In this issue:  Bitcoin, lessons learned from Lance
Armstrong, and safety concerns raised by the stolen
radiotherapy machine.

CIO tells businesses five things they should know about
bitcoin.  The digital currency features low transaction
costs but is highly volatile and attracting regulatory scrutiny.

---Genetically Modified Food---
Chemistry World says the second highest court in the EU has
ruled that BASF's genetically modified potato Amflora cannot
be planted in Europe.

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If you want to hit January without a spare-tire gut, you
need to apply some balance and moderation.  AskMen provides
seven tips.
AskMen provides their list of the 30 best natural cold-and
flu fighting foods and ingredients to give your body a boost.

Chemistry World says Europe's food safety body has
recommended that guidance levels for acceptable exposure to
two neonicotinoid insecticides be reduced until further
research is conducted on the harm they may cause to unborn
children's developing nervous systems.

---Lance Armstrong--- 
HBS Working Knowledge looks at the behavior of teammates who
were swept up in Lance Armstrong's cheating scandal.  When
do followers need to break away from their leader?

---Radiation Safety---
When a truck carrying a powerful hospital radiotherapy
machine was hijacked at a fuel station near Mexico City on
December second, authorities raced to find it.  Chemistry
World says the incident has sparked soul-searching on safety.