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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-11-27

We wish our U.S. readers a good Thanksgiving.

In this issue:  Getting shot, why a watched employee
accomplishes less, and tips for Cyber Monday.

---Bulletproof Suits---
AskMen looks at bulletproof suits.  The author describes his
experience being shot while wearing one.

HBS Working Knowledge explains why decreasing workplace
transparency can increase productivity.

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---Cyber Monday---
Information Today offers tips for avoiding fraud on Cyber
Monday for both buyers and sellers.

AskMen says Rob Ford is an embarrassment to Canada, and
offers him free fitness training if he will step down as
mayor or Toronto.  The author then explains what it takes to
get healthy.

---Giving Tuesday---
AFP eWire lists ten articles and ideas related to the Giving
Tuesday (Dec. 3) movement.