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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-11-13

In this issue:  Raking leaves safely, the importance of
relationships, and the benefits of working less.

---Chemical Weapons---
The UN watchdog has confirmed that Syria has destroyed its
chemical weapons manufacturing equipment a day ahead of the
deadline.  Chemistry World says the costly and complex task
of disposing of the chemical weapons remains.

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---Food Safety---
Chemistry World says the European Food Safety Authority has
rejected allegations in a recent report that the integrity
of its scientific recommendations and risk assessments could
be compromised by "loopholes" in the agency's independence

Piling up fallen leaves can be a pain in the back.  This Old
House explains how to protect your body from repetitive
stress while raking.

What matters most in life are relationships.  In fact, the
warmth of men's relationships directly correlated with their
health and happiness in old age, according to AskMen.

Most of the college basketball tournaments are held in a
place known for sun and fun.  One of the exceptions is the
Preseason NIT.  Sports Central says the allure of Madison
Square Garden overrides any chill or snow.

AskMen ponders whether it is time for Americans to work more
like Germans.  Working shorter hours, specifically 30 hours
a week, would make us healthier, happier and would be better
for the environment