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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-11-06

In this issue:  A new climate pact, Movember, and what
motivates marathoners.

National Defense reports that as it became apparent that
political dysfunction had replaced deliberate planning in
Washington, John Hamre, CEO of the Center for Strategic and
International Studies, called on the nation's policymakers
to "define the bottom," and allow defense to resize accordingly.

A new climate pact, signed by leaders of British Columbia,
California, Oregon and Washington on 28 October, aims to
harmonize the West coast greenhouse gas emission targets and
set a path toward long-term reductions, according to
Chemistry World.

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AskMen says it's no coincidence that mustaches make a
prominent appearance in the month of November.  In fact, men
the world over refer to the month as Movember, which is the
name of the charity that raises awareness and money for
prostate and testicular cancer.

Sports Central says the Red Sox turned out to be the best
team in baseball, winning a World Series against a team that
was the next-best team in baseball by a hair.  And, a
three-run double.  And, perhaps, the most inadvertent
destiny in 21st Century baseball.
In a sport where security all of a sudden is a major
concern, marathon racers and spectators alike are arguably
putting themselves in danger by participating.  AskMen says
there has to be more on these newly minted runners' minds
than an upbeat desire to run for a really long time.
AskMen says fandom, at the fundamental level, is tribalism
-- mostly in a good way.  We use sports teams to divide and
separate ourselves into camps, because such is human nature.