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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-10-30

In this issue:  Physical trainers, measuring scientific
accomplishment, and the World Series.

---Do It---
AskMen says too many people spend their lives wanting
instead of doing.  More people should be doers instead of

AskMen says trainers are prized more for their ability to
sell training than they are for their actual abilities as
trainers.  They're convincing people working out alone is
folly, which in and of itself is folly.

  Document Clustering

AFP eWire encourages people to demonstrate how they are
changing the world and "showing their love" for their
neighbors and community by participating in the Countdown to
Impact Challenge, leading up to National Philanthropy Day on
Nov. 15.

Chemistry World says The San Francisco Declaration on
Research Assessment has almost 10,000 signatories demanding
that funders and institutions stop using journal-level
metrics as a basis for such decisions, and instead focus on
the scientific content of papers.
The 2013 Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded to three
computational pioneers who combined quantum and classical
mechanics.  Chemistry World takes a closer look at the
latest laureates.

Sports Central recaps World Series Game 4.  At the rate this
World Series is going, who's to say Game 5 won't end with a
bullpen pitcher throwing out the would-be winning run at the
AskMen previews the 2014 World Cup.  Possibly the four best
teams on earth today -- Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain
-- are intent on providing more attacking thrills than we've
seen in many a tournament.
With so many classics and tip-offs on the calendar for
college basketball, Sports Central provides a quick guide to
the ones you should most look forward to this year.