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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-09-04

In this issue:  Detecting sarin, the new math of retirement
planning, and addictiveness of steriods.

---Chemical Weapons---
As the world awaits the official findings of UN inspectors
in Syria, Chemistry World says scientists in France and the
Czech Republic report a new complex that could be used to
develop simpler and more sensitive detection devices for the
nerve agent sarin.

  More Efficient E-Discovery

On Wall Street warns that many planning metrics, used
forever to craft retirement portfolios, are no longer valid.
 Here are the new numbers and strategies you'll need when
planning for retirement.

Sports Central says this year's college football season (aka
the last dying gasp of the BCS) is already shaping up to be
an epic one.
For a sport that has long since lost its hold over America,
where games drag on far beyond our collective attention
spans, baseball nevertheless belies its dullness each
September to create dramatic theater that the other three
major sports can't, according to Sports Central.

AskMen addresses whether or not steroids are addictive.