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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-08-28

In this issue:  Data scientists in the HR department, Al
Jazeera America, and the impact defensive players will have
on their new NFL teams.

CIO says HR departments are being invaded by data scientists
to solve a wide range of staffing issues, including
screening new hires, figuring out who should get promoted,
efficiently staffing new projects, uncovering the
characteristics of high-performing individuals or teams, and
even predicting who's likely to head out the door.

  Document Clustering

According to Information Today, Al Jazeera America, the
U.S.-based news channel from the Al Jazeera Media Network,
premiered recently as a hub for national and international
news programs, documentaries, and discussions.

Sports Central looks at NFL defensive players joining new
teams this year that are likely to have the biggest impact.