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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-08-07

In this issue:  The psychopath boss, multi-cultural clients,
and travel destinations that should be on your bucket list.

AskMen looks at the psychopath boss.  Psychopaths, by their
very nature, are trying to trick us, putting on a mask of a
person totally different to what lies beneath.  And, by our
very nature, we want to uncover them.
Your clients come from a host of different cultures, whether
you realize it or not.  On Wall Street offers tips on
understanding the needs of multi-cultural clients.
Fast Company says AmazonFresh is Jeff Bezos' last mile quest
for total retail domination.  AmazonFresh is really a Trojan
horse.  It's not about winning in grocery services.  It's
about dominating the market in same-day deliveries.

  Document Clustering

There is a right way and a wrong way to meet women at the
gym.  AskMen interviewed several women to find out the right

Sports Central predicts that A-Rod will appeal his
suspension, maybe with an eye toward bringing it somewhere
in the middle of the handed-down 211 baseball games and Ryan
Braun's 65.

Everyone's bucket list is different but InsideFlyer will get
you started with just a few inspirational destinations and
will include information about how to get there with miles
and where to stay with points.