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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-07-17

In this issue:  Apple guilty of conspiracy to raise ebook
prices, nuclear weapons, and PRISM.

Information Today reports that a federal court in New York
has found Apple guilty of violating federal antitrust laws,
stating that the company "played a central role in
facilitating and executing a conspiracy" to raise ebook prices.

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CRM says web and mobile apps are gaining ground on
interactive voice response systems as the self-service
channel of choice.

---Diet and Exercise---
You can undo a lot of dietary and exercise discipline in
just a couple of weeks of drunken gluttony.  AskMen gives
five tips for staying lean all summer long by not chunking
up on your summer vacation.

Job Journal says the job market's slow recovery from the
Great Recession reflects a new reality in the American economy.

---Nuclear Weapons---
The number of nuclear weapons in circulation worldwide has
been slowly but steadily declining in recent years because
the United States and Russia are scaling back their nuclear
arsenals, but National Defense says the U.S. remains concerned.

Once Edward Snowden lands in some friendly country or
decides to return to the U.S., we can hope that attention is
again focused on PRISM and surveillance.  So far,
Information Today says the responses from government
officials has been less than stellar.

Chemistry World says the fire and explosion that destroyed
the West Fertilizer chemical plant in Texas on 17 April,
killing at least 14 people and injuring more than 200, has
resulted in calls to tighten US chemical handling regulations.