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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-06-26

In this issue:  Foods for summer, the jobs that aren't
posted, and chemical safety.

Chemistry World says authorities are still searching for the
cause of a deadly explosion at a Louisiana petrochemicals
plant that occurred on June 13th.

AskMen looks at foods that help you cool down during summer.

Pharmaceutical Executive says the backlash against high
prices for new medicines will impact research, patent
exclusivity, and drug benefits.

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Information Today reports on the Electronic Frontier
Foundation's objections to DRM being part of the W3C
standard for HTML5.

Job Journal says job postings account for only a small
percentage of the real openings out there.  Discover the
hidden job market by connecting with more people in your
everyday life.

---Politics--- is a sweeping expansion of the Citizen
Cosponsor Project.  The new website will now feature every
bill and resolution introduced in the House, from
Republicans and Democrats, according to Information Today.

The fact is that some chemicals in our environment can cause
adverse health effects.  Chemistry World says that presents
people with a huge dilemma: how much evidence is needed
before worries about exposure to a particular chemical
become rational?

Rask, the goaltender for the Boston Bruins, is just too hot
to stop right now, according to Sports Central.  The
question that Blackhawks fans are probably asking right now
is "how are we supposed to beat a guy who swept the
offensive powerhouse Pittsburgh Penguins, blanked them
twice, and only allowed two goals in four games?"