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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-06-19

In this issue:  Trouble for caffeine, establishing your
digital brand, and digital addiction.

Food Processing says an FDA investigation could be just the
beginning of regulatory and litigation battles over caffeine.

Job Journal says establishing a digital brand early in your
career gives you an advantage moving forward, but it's never
too late to start consolidating your social media presence
into a consistent, professional persona.

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---Digital Addiction---
Are you a digital addict?  It never hurts to examine whether
the adoption of new technologies has altered your life. 
Herewith, then, is Fast Company's deeply unscientific probe
into your digital subconscious.

According to Chemistry World, it is almost guaranteed that
over the next 50 years most of our energy will still come
from carbon-based raw materials. In this respect, there are
four important issues to keep in mind.

In a DVR world, sports is about the only stuff regularly
watched live -- which allows sports networks to demand
increasingly higher fees from cable providers, according to
Fast Company.