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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-05-29

In this issue:  Fitness gadgets, men's hairstyles, and NHL

There are more useful fitness gadgets on the market than
ever before. They won't replace a good personal trainer, but
they might be the artificial intelligence you need to help
you get bigger, stronger and faster.  AskMen says you need
to know what they can't do.

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AskMen looks at men's hairstyles for this summer.  The heat
is on, and that means it's time to lop off those bushy
sideburns and sky-high pompadour for a cooler coif.

We're knee-deep in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it feels
like the officials have been front and center too many times
to be comfortable.  Sports Central says critical calls or
non-calls have contributed to key moments in just about
every series, leaving fans on all sides griping.