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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-04-10

In this issue:  Pesticides threaten bees, high-protein
eating on the cheap, and the passing of Margaret Thatcher.

Chemistry World reports that the US Environmental Protection
Agency is being sued by environmental groups and beekeepers
over the use of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids.
 The European Food Safety Agency also issued a report
highlighting several risks posed to bees.

AskMen says the key to eating a high-protein diet on a
low-protein budget is to skip the packaged protein foods
like bars and shakes, utilize proteins other than meats, and
to stretch the meat you do use.  The article includes
several recipes.

Spring is officially here, but a lot of us are still
sporting our winter (more like annual) black, blue and gray
uniform.  AskMen suggests 50 ways to add color to your wardrobe.

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Chemistry World says gut bacteria may convert a nutrient
found in red meat into a compound that can damage the heart.

---Margaret Thatcher---
You maybe not be sure what to think of the UK's first female
prime minister, but Twitter, at least, is full of strong
opinions on Margaret Thatcher, according to AskMen.

As we head into April, the NBA has just flipped the calendar
for the final time in one of its most anti-climactic seasons
in modern memory, according to Sports Central.
According to AskMen, the dawn of baseball every April tends
to shower fans of every team with a clean slate and hope,
when in reality, the writing is on the wall: a large chunk
of the league is hopeless.
It's hard to believe the NHL playoffs begin in only a few
weeks.  Sports Central says the shortened season leaves a
lot more questions than a typical season.