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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-03-13

In this issue:  Prioritizing health, tips on your job
search, and sensationalism in science.

Marissa Mayer's decision to bring work-at-home Yahoo!
employees back to the office has set off a firestorm.  HBS
Working Knowledge suggests ways to mitigate the problem.
An unusual number of time-management publications have
crossed this HBS Working Knowledge author's desk recently,
leading him to question: Who is responsible for the
management of our time on the job?  What do you think?

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It is an adage of time-management that if everything is a
priority, nothing is.  If you're not finding time to
exercise and focus on healthy eating, then it is not a high
enough priority for you, according to AskMen.
Previously unknown prescription drug side effects have been
revealed by the searches people do online, according to
Chemistry World.

Job Journal says it's not the economy.  More likely, your
difficulties can be resolved by addressing six aspects of
your job search that are essential to an effective
employment campaign.

Chemistry World looks at sensationalism in science.  There
is now a body of proof that suggests that the skeleton found
under a Leicester car park is that of Richard III, one of
England's most reviled kings.  In general, the news coverage
was very good and balanced, but there were exceptions.
Chemistry World reports that US government scientists and
technical experts could soon find themselves unable to
travel to scientific meetings now that the much-anticipated
automatic budgetary cuts, known as sequestration, became
effective in the US on 1 March.

One of Sports Central's favorite aspects of the NCAA men's
basketball tournament to predict is what will be the biggest
upset in the first round of the tournament.  It seems like
each time we have a new number one, they lose.