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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-01-30

In this issue:  The secret to effective TV ads, changes at
the FDA, and

HBS Working Knowledge says ad viewers lose purchasing
interest when TV ads get too caught up in entertainment. 
The author's advice for the perfect pitch: tie together a
good story and a compelling brand.

Pharmaceutical Executive says the FDA will undergo a
transformation in 2013.  Policies will reshape drug
development, while pressure to cut healthcare spending may
alter drug coverage and pricing.

  E-Discovery Improved

AskMen describes how to gain muscles with plant nutrition. 
Having been a competitive endurance athlete since he was 15,
the author has found that a plant-based whole-food diet
offered several advantages.  Among them: not get sick as
often, and being able to train harder.
AskMen provides a guide to seasonal affective disorder,
which is a mood disorder that affects nearly 10% of people
in regions like southern Canada and the northern United States.
Nobody comes to New Orleans in search of a healthy
alternative, least of all during Mardi Gras -- AskMen says
trying to stay healthy is a question of pure willpower.

AskMen points out that Bill Belichick is still a
well-respected and talented coach, while Lance Armstrong's
status is now somewhere between 'child molester' and 'drunk
child molester.'
With Joe Flacco appearing in this year's Super Bowl, the
media has begun looking for ways to pretend that Flacco is
an exceptional QB.  The people at Sports Central now present
Joe Flacco Facts.