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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2013-01-02

Welcome to 2013!

In this issue:  The outlook for the economy, missile
defense, and new technologies to watch.

HBS Working Knowledge reviews the most popular stories of
2012.  This year readers' favorite articles examined topics
such as breaking the smartphone addiction, CEO's and their
strategies, and how to brand a next-generation product.

On Wall Street says the U.S. economy has turned the corner.
 Experts see a better year for Wall Street and discuss their
continuing love affair with high quality, dividend-paying

  E-Discovery Improved

CRM reports that new top-level domain names like .food,
energy, .city, and others could be coming soon.  Marketers
will need to understand the landscape and figure out which
top-level domains impact their industry.

---Missile Defense---
The early success of Israel's Iron Dome system may not mark
a turning point for missile defense, according to IEEE Spectrum.

IEEE Spectrum says Virgin Galactic space planes should
launch this year.  $200,000 buys you a seat and the end
result should be something science-fiction writers have long
dreamed of: regularly scheduled passenger flights into space.

IEEE Spectrum describes seven technologies to watch in 2013,
including a gesture based user interface technology and
improved capabilities for unmanned planes.