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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-12-19

In this issue:  Communication network vulnerabilities,
organic vs. non-organic, and the fiscal cliff.

National Defense says recent natural disasters such as
Hurricane Sandy and the Washington, D.C., metro-area derecho
revealed vulnerabilities in first responder communication
networks and equipment.

Scientists in Denmark have compared how organic and
non-organic diets affect dietary mineral uptake in humans,
focusing on copper and zinc.  They found that there is no
difference between the two diets when it comes to uptake and
how the minerals are processed in the body, according to
Chemistry World.

  E-Discovery Improved

National Defense says the fiscal talks offer only short-term
solutions and ignore the tough problems.  The nation's
economic future is still in limbo.  The White House and
congressional Republicans are seeking to avert the fiscal
cliff, including the automatic spending cuts mandated by the
Budget Control Act of 2011.

Sports Central says college football is stupid.  Not the
sport itself, but how it runs its post-season.  Even when we
get our long-awaited playoff, it's still going to be stupid.
Sports Central says it is time to put an end to all of the
distractions that college sports provide, and that needs to
happen by telling teams what conference they are in.