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Happy 12/12/12!

In this issue:  Relying on predictions, budget problems
impact DoD recruiting, and a salute to Marvin Miller.

Recent books by Nate Silver and Nassim Nicholas Taleb
provide insights on how predictions work (or don't), leaving
HBS Working Knowledge to wonder, should we use predictions
at all when planning for the future?

  E-Discovery Improved

National Defense says the budget crunch is a new factor
preventing the Defense Department from recruiting and
retaining top talent within its science, technology,
engineering and mathematics workforce.

Sports Central reacts with surprise at Northern Illinois
making it to the Orange Bowl.
Sports Central salutes Marvin Miller.  Shepherding the Major
League Baseball Players' Association from what amounted to a
company union at the company's pleasure, Miller stood above
all for justice for a class of men who had been mere
property until he entered.