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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-11-14

In this issue:  The efficacy of pay for performance,
searching for methane on Mars, and a chemical spill in South

In light of the Benghazi attack, National Defense looks at
the role of Marine Embassy Guards in protecting U.S.
embassies around the world.

Pay for performance is almost universally employed in the US
and increasingly elsewhere, even though the forms it takes
ebb and flow.  But HBS Working Knowledge says there are now
questions being raised about whether pay for performance at
its core is fatally flawed or at least misused.
HBS Working Knowledge reports on a new study saying that
bigger paychecks for retail employees could generate
significant payoffs for employers by reducing worker theft
and raising the level of moral behavior in the workforce.

  E-Discovery Improved

The idea that there was life on Mars has been dealt a blow
after analysis of the planet's atmosphere found little to no
methane, according to Chemistry World.

Chemistry World reports that a US federal court has awarded
more than $85 million to 12 Oregon National Guard soldiers
who alleged that military contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root
knowingly exposed them to hexavalent chromium, a known
More than six weeks after eight tons of hydrofluoric acid
was accidentally released at a chemical plant in South
Korea, Chemistry World reports that many of the thousands of
local residents who fled the area have not yet returned to
their homes despite assurances from authorities.