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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-11-07

In this issue:  Hurricane Sandy, sustainable cities, and the
tax impact of the fiscal cliff.

HBS Working Knowledge claims that Wall Street doesn't
understand the value added to a company by the local ethnic
population's impact on international trade.

  E-Discovery Improved

This Old House tells you how you can help those affected by
Superstorm Sandy -- or get help if you're in need.
As the East Coast recovers from Hurricane Sandy, this
article from This Old House reflects on the storm's
destruction and the strengths such disasters can bring out
in all of us.

---Sustainable Cities---
HBS Working Knowledge looks at three ways to finance
sustainable cities.  How do we ensure that our cities are
resilient in the face of inevitable future weather events
like Hurricane Sandy?  The key to infrastructure resilience
may lie in the unglamorous corner of financial products,
including insurance.

Registered Rep. says you should prepare to say goodbye to
some tax cuts and incentives that will likely expire in 2013
due to the fiscal cliff.