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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-10-10

In this issue:  iPhone's map problem, money's influence on
politics, and stem cell research.

Information Today says Apple's decision to replace Google
Maps with their own inferior maps on the iPhone 5 will cut
into Apple's invincibility as the innovation leader.

Financial Planning says Mitt Romney's huge IRA gives a wake
up call to advisors to ensure their clients don't venture
into the muddy waters of the prohibited-transaction rules.

  E-Discovery Improved

Information Today reports that MapLight, a nonpartisan
research organization that reveals money's influence on
politics, has announced the launch of the MapLight Money and
Politics Data Set, an easy-to-access, downloadable database
of enhanced Federal Elections Commission campaign finance
data for free public use.
Food Processing predicts how the food industry will fare
depending on whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins on
November 6th.
Pharmaceutical Executive looks at the policies of the
presidential candidates that relate to business and the
health care industry.

Ideology, politics, and a stilted political debate may be
causing pharma to overlook the potential of emerging stem
cell therapies in fostering a new generation of cures,
according to Pharmaceutical Executive.