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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-09-05

In this issue:  Health impact of eating organic, gadgets to
monitor your health, and the migration of researchers.

Chemistry World says artists and celebrities in the US have
formed a group to oppose hydraulic fracturing, known
colloquially as fracking, in the state of New York.

Many of us consider the organic vs. non-organic debate every
time we hit the grocery store, wondering if the quality is
really worth the extra price.  AskMen reports on a new study
that provides some answers.
IEEE Spectrum ponders, can self-measurement gadgets help us
live healthier and better lives?

  E-Discovery Improved

In full election-year mode, news media have been awash in
articles, blogs and reports urging Congress to stop the
"corporate welfare" of reimbursing federal contractors'
pension costs.  National Defense weighs in on the situation.

IEEE Spectrum reveals the worldwide migration patterns of

The smartphone's role as constant companion, helper, coach,
and guardian has only just begun, according to IEEE Spectrum.

Chemistry World says the manufacturer of thalidomide, German
company Grunenthal, has finally issued an apology for the
effects the drug had on babies, half a century after the event.