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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-08-15

In this issue:  The end of the line for an Alzheimer's drug,
unethical behavior at the Olympics, and whether gymnastics
is really a sport.

Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson have announced that they are
ending development of the intravenous Alzheimer's drug
bapineuzumab after it failed in two clinical trials,
according to Chemistry World.

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The entire world is watching, and given the attention that
the global media has recently dedicated to unethical
behavior of certain Olympic athletes, Sports Central says
sports fans could mistake it for a newly introduced Olympic
sport of its own during these 2012 London Summer Games.
The point of an Olympics isn't an economic legacy.  AskMen
says the point is to make people happy.  Taken on that
level, then for people around the world -- but above all for
the Brits -- London worked.
Sports Central says London 2012 was all about passing on the
baton.  We can only hope that the baton is passed with good
grace, and that sport will benefit from such a marvelous event.
An author in Sports Central claims that gymnastics is not a
sport -- if you need judges from seven countries to vote on
who won, your activity is not a sport.