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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-08-01

In this issue:  The impact of the financial troubles in
Greece on science, tips for surviving a layoff, and a look
at how difficult Olympic sports really are.

Chemistry World says the chemistry community in Greece has
not escaped the financial storms that have battered the
Greek economy over the past two years.  The damage to the
chemical sciences and academia is already severe and the
future looks bleak.

  E-Discovery Improved

AskMen gives advice for surviving a layoff.  The reasons why
you were kicked to the curb don't matter right now.  What
does matter is giving yourself a little "me" time to let
everything marinate in your head.

How hard are Olympic sports?  Bobsledding?  How tough can
that be?  An AskMen author was able to find out a few years ago.