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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-07-18

In this issue:  The health impact of chocolate, banning
large sodas, and timekeeping at the Olympics.

Chemistry World says UK scientists have clinically proven
that consuming polyphenol-rich dark chocolate has health
benefits for overweight and obese females, whilst showing
adverse effects for polyphenol-deficient chocolate.
National polls have found the majority of New Yorkers -- and
Americans -- oppose banning the sale of soft drinks larger
than 16 oz, according to Food Processing.

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AskMen interviews John Orozco.  "You know, in the Bronx,
it's not very popular to be a gymnast, but [I] didn't really
care if I was popular or not - I just wanted to do what I
AskMen says this will be the 25th time that Omega takes care
of the official timekeeping at the Olympics.