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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-07-04

In this issue:  Greek emigration, doping at the Olympics,
and the Higgs Boson.

AskMen says history seems to be repeating itself, with a
brand new wave of Greek emigration.  Just last year, 23,800
Greeks immigrated to Germany in search of a better future.

  E-Discovery Improved

With the London Olympics around the corner, AskMen decided
to connect with Olympians past, present and future to see
what we could learn from the most elite athletes on the
planet.  Here, they interview Jonathan Horton.
Chemistry World looks into the vital role chemistry will
play during the Olympic and Paralympic games
With the 2012 Olympics looming, engineers gear up for
history's largest broadcasting operation, according to IEEE
With the London 2012 Olympics now upon us, the issue of
doping in sport is once more in the media spotlight.  As new
therapies emerge from the pharmaceutical industry, Chemistry
World says we must be vigilant for new doping threats.  New
and improved detection methods are continually investigated
and developed.

AskMen reports that scientists may have made a miraculous
discovery of something we've been in search of for a
generation.  No, it's not Waldo, Paris Hilton's soul or who
shot Tupac.  The Higgs Boson may have been found.