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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-06-27

In this issue:  Barbie and feminism, apprenticeships, and
training for the Olympics.

Does the latest incarnation of Mattel's I Can Be...  Barbie
series translate to girl power?  Fast Company looks at two
sides of the story.

  E-Discovery Improved

Fast Company says education startup [E]nstitute is linking
young people with jobs -- no college degree required.

Fast Company looks at creative ways pro athletes fund their
way to the Olympics.  Training for the Olympics is a
full-time job, but it's not a fruitful one: Athlete stipends
can be just hundreds of dollars per month.  To fund their
dreams, hopefuls get creative.
Sports Central says Roger Clemens got off the hook on a
perjury rap because either the House Committee for the
Sending of Swell Messages to Kids, the actual prosecution,
or the original Mitchell Report bungled its way across the
sticky wickets of actual or alleged performance-enhancing
American swimmer Tyler Clary talks to AskMen about how he
trains, manages mental and physical stress, and what it's
like to be a career athlete and an Olympic hopeful.