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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-03-28

In this issue:  Cracking down on the Internet, women in
management position, and passport photos.

What is your dream job?  No, I mean realistically.  If every
job paid the same and you had to work full time doing
something you're capable of, what would you choose?  Job
Journal says for many people, that's not an easy question to
AskMen says talking to a potential employer about your
passions and desires will set you apart.  Once you get the
gig, it is up to you (and your future boss) to figure out
how to channel that passion for the organization's benefit
-- and yours.

  Document Clustering

The entertainment industry wants Internet intermediaries to
carry more liability for piracy, placing cloud computing
services and their users at risk, according to Information Age.

AskMen reports on a recent study which found that women in
management positions lead in a more democratic way, allowing
employees to participate in decision-making and establishing
interpersonal channels of communication.

---Passport Photos---
AskMen explains how to take a good passport photo.  The
truth is, most of us rarely take a head-on, face-only photo
in everyday life.

HBS Working Knowledge says York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin
is confounding every stereotype we have about modern day
basketball stars.
AskMen says the collective sounds of jaws dropping could be
heard from the East River all the way to the Rockies, when
news broke that Tim Tebow, the NFL's most popular player,
was headed to the Big Apple.
Final four preview: Sports Central says there are four
states in the union where college basketball takes on a
cultural and sporting significance unlike the other 46:
North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, and Kansas.