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In this issue:  Smart cities, weight loss, and help for the

Sports Central says Jeremy Lin is the biggest story in the
NBA right now, mostly because of his play, but
unfortunately, also because of his race.

---Smart Cities---
Information Age looks at how IBM and Cisco, two of the IT
industry's largest companies, plan to rewire urban living.

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---Weight Loss---
AskMen asks whether the substantial weight-loss benefits of
Qnexa more than compensate for the risks of taking it.
When you try to lose fat, your body fights you.  AskMen says
you need to outsmart it.

CIO outlines some strategies and tools anyone can use to
keep a home office, commercial office or cubicle organized
and effective.
AskMen provides tips to help introverts get noticed at work.
 Introverts don't generally like the spotlight but if you do
amazing work, others will sit up and take notice even if you
are on the quieter side.  Build a reputation on the results
you achieve.