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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-01-18

We at want to take a moment to make you aware
of the very poorly designed SOPA and PIPA legislation
currently being considered by the U.S. Congress.  It could
have a devastating impact on freedom of speech and the
websites you visit every day, while most likely failing in
its stated purpose of thwarting piracy.  You can learn more

In this issue:  The poor conditions in Chinese factories,
spotting the stock market and real estate bubbles, and the
outlook for oil.

Motley Fool says Mike Daisey began questioning his
near-religious Apple fervor after seeing photos of Chinese
workers on an iPhone production line.

In an exclusive recent interview, Motley Fool asked Yale
economist Robert Shiller about recessions, austerity, and
Yale economist Robert Shiller wrote a book, Irrational
Exuberance, explaining why there was no way to justify the
stock market and real estate booms.  Motley Fool interviews
him to discuss how he sees things that others don't.

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

AskMen provides fashion commentary on the 2012 Golden Globes

An update on the oil markets from Motley Fool: Iran nuclear
scientist killed, and oil shipments threatened.  Yet another
round of political drama has been injected into the oil
industry -- how will prices be affected?