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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2012-01-11

In this issue:  How to give your career a boost, flawed
corporate environmental rankings, and a problematic plan to
boost the economy through mortgage refinancing.

Make a fresh start in the new year -- if you haven't been
passionate about your career in a while, Job Journal says
you should capitalize on this time of year to get yourself
re-energized and begin again.
A growing body of research suggests that an exercise we call
"job crafting" can be a powerful tool for reenergizing and
reimagining your work life, according to AskMen.

---Going Green---
Many companies receiving high marks in environmental
sustainability are hurting the planet in other ways,
according to HBS Working Knowledge.

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

A Motley Fool writer takes a cold, hard look at his personal
finances and the changes he needs to make to fund retirement
and college for his kids.

Motley Fool says the rumored proposal to allow refinancing
of mortgages doesn't address the true problem.

InsideFlyer takes a look at time-saving websites that can
help you manage your loyalty program currency.