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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-12-21

We at want to wish our readers a happy holiday

In this issue:  More on the meltdown of MF Global, North
Korea after the death of Kim Jong-Il, and insider trading by

---MF Global---
In the midst of futures broker MF Global free-falling into
bankruptcy, it was revealed that $1.2 billion of supposedly
segregated customer money had disappeared, according to
Motley Fool.
Who knew what, and when?  Motley Fool looks at what
customers, brokers, and employees saw leading up to the
bankruptcy of MF Global.
Once the board of directors allowed Corzine to wear two hats
as an executive and a trader, the odds of the firm failing
increased exponentially, according to Motley Fool.
When Jon Corzine took over as CEO of MF Global, he brought
with him a penchant for risk-taking.  Motley Fool says it
was a drive that would ultimately prove the company's undoing.

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

---North Korea---
Motley Fool ponders what will happen with North Korea now. 
Few outcomes have been less certain for their effects on
political and business conditions.

Motley Fool spells out the actions you should take to help
bring an end to insider stock trading on Capitol Hill.

AskMen reports that Howard Stern will be a judge on
America's Got Talent.