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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-11-23

We at want to wish our U.S. subscribers a
happy Thanksgiving.

In this issue:  The alarming concentration of power in
agribusiness, medicare fraud, and stock trading on inside
information by members of Congress.

Motley Fool says agribusiness is an industry with an
alarming concentration of power.
Fast Company lists some startup companies that it thinks
will be significant in 2012.

AskMen suggests professional cross-training, the learning of
complementary skills, as a way to boost your career.

To highlight the problem of Medicare fraud, Fast Company
describes a pharmacy that billed a federal agency for
$776,298 - in just nine days.  There were no real employees.
 There were no real patients.  There were no real
prescriptions.  Medical fraud has become an untreated epidemic.

Fast Company suggests some gift ideas in time for the holidays.

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

Fast Company introduces a thermostat directly inspired by
the iPod.

Motley Fool looks at the problem of Congress members trading
stocks based on inside information about legislation that
will impact corporations.
Motley Fool explains why the supercommittee failed to come
up with a plan for deficit reduction.
InsideFlyer says lawmakers are seeking to expand the Hero
Miles program to include Hotels for Heroes, a program that
will allow members of loyalty programs to donate their hotel
points to wounded members of the Armed Forces and their
Motley Fool reports that Google, Microsoft, and other
companies are calling for repeal of the Defense of Marriage
Act, which costs companies and people a lot of money.