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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-10-26

In this issue:  How your brain responds to risk, the
economic outlook for Europe, and spending by the TSA.

Chemistry World says 6000-year-old cooking pots recovered
from a Danish bog still holds traces of the last supper it held.

Fast Company examines the split-second journey of a risk as
it travels through the brain.

Motley Fool reveals fifty amazing numbers about the economy
-- important stuff you probably didn't know.
Motley Fool interviews Ruth Lea, director and economic
advisor at Arbuthnot Banking Group, on the economic outlook
for the UK and Germany, quantitative easing, and the strain
on the euro.

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

---Health Care---
Abbey Meyers, Founder, National Organization of Rare
Disorders, believes patient empowerment can foster change,
according to Pharmaceutical Executive.

The Transportation Security Administration has spent $56.8
billion on air travel since 9/11.  Fast Company takes a look
at who's getting a cut, and whether it's really paying off.

Motley Fool takes a look at the top 1% of earners, and
trends in executive compensation.