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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-10-05

In this issue:  The cause of new bank fees, low-budget
infrastructure improvement, and predicting the future.

No one's better off; everyone's upset.  Someone is to blame
for the new $5-a-month fee imposed by Bank of America, but
Motley Fool says it's not Bank of America.

Time Europe looks at innovative approaches to infrastructure
improvement in light of budget constraints.

Motley Fool looks at three things holding back jobs that you
probably didn't know about.

After bone-tumor surgery Cameron Cohen donated his app store
revenue to help other ailing children, according to IEEE

  E-Discovery Made More Efficient:

On Wall Street reports that the six largest U.S. banks have
switched sides in a dramatic way since 2008, giving far more
money to GOP hopeful Mitt Romney than they are to the
sitting president.

Let the market weigh in on hot-button topics.  When you're
trying to predict future events or the market, Motley Fool
suggests you look at a marketplace for predictions called

Time Europe says it's been a year of resurrection for Cuba's
Roman Catholic Church.  Last November, it opened a new
seminary -- the first since Fidel Castro's communist
revolution all but shut down the church 50 years ago.

Motley Fool says Amazon's tablet matters because it is a
store, not just a computer.

He has never been to Tibet, never breathed the thin air of
the high plateau, nor spun a prayer wheel in the shadow of
the great Buddhist monasteries.  Yet, Time Europe reports
that 43-year-old Lobsang Sangay was sworn in as the head of
the Tibetan government-in-exile.