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In this issue:  Science vs. art forgers, green technology,
and a look back at 9/11.

The trial of four people accused of running one of the
biggest art forgery rings in post-war Germany has begun. 
Chemistry World says prosecutors are expected to rely
heavily on science-based testimony to make their case.

Motley Fool lists 10 interesting financial numbers for 2011.

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---Green Tech---
Motley Fool says Obama should focus on green technologies,
which are one of the few bright spots in the country.
Motley Fool says renewable energy, our reliance on foreign
oil, and, more importantly, jobs would all benefit from
higher oil prices.

---Sept 11---
Sept. 11, 2001 was a jolt that altered the course of history
spectacularly, but it has not, for better and for worse,
transformed the American people.  Terror, Time Europe
claims, has a half-life.
Sports Central says September 11th was the day that so many
things changed, including our sports landscape.  And yet
still, some things never change.