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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-09-07

In this issue:  The 30th anniversary of the PC, the jobs
report, and a proposal for dealing with flight delays.

PC Magazine marks the 30th anniversary of the PC with
thoughts from the industry.  From Bill Gates to Meg Whitman,
tech leaders, icons, and innovators talk about what the PC
has meant to the world.
PC Magazine says a fine selection of both hardware and
software distinguishes the HP Envy 14 (Sandy Bridge) from
competing laptops.

Motley Fool surveys the most recent jobs report.

Airlines and the FAA don't like flight delays any more than
passengers, but what's to be done?  HBS Working Knowledge
reports on research proposing a "fairness" system that could
save travelers time and service providers millions of
dollars annually.