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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-08-17

In this issue:  Demonizing animals, more on S&P's downgrade,
and trouble at the post office.

Through nature TV, we're now demonizing all wild creatures
to make us feel better about precipitating their extinction,
according to Time Europe.

---Credit Downgrade---
Motley Fool shares a few thoughts on S&P's credit downgrade
of the U.S..
Motley Fool says S&P got the big stuff right even if it
botched the numbers.

  E-Discovery Improved - Clustering

Food Processing reports on new food and beverage products
now available on store shelves.

---Post Office---
Motley Fool reports that postal workers face more than rain,
sleet, or gloom of night -- now there are massive labor cut