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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-06-08

In this issue:  The impact of the Clean Air Act, health
exchanges, and Anthony Weiner's scandal.

PC Magazine identifies the 10 best digital cameras.

---Clean Air Act---
Does the Clean Air Act hurt or help the U.S. economy? 
BusinessWeek says it's not nearly as hard to calculate as
you might think.

Time Europe says the U.S. and the world are in the middle of
an economic rebalancing that hasn't been seen since the rise
of the great European empires in the 1500s.

BusinessWeek says health exchanges may provide common ground
for medicare reform.  Virtual marketplaces where consumers
shop for standardized insurance policies may hold the key to
bridging divisions between Democrats and Republicans.

  E-Discovery Improved - Clustering

Time Europe looks at Morocco's revolutionaries.  It must
annoy the Islamists that the shots are being called by these
new kids on the block -- and that their vibrant activism is
shaking up the monarchy in ways the Islamists have
consistently failed to for more than 30 years.
If Syria is torn apart by the cycle of protests, crackdowns,
resentment and brutality, it would rend the fabric of the
Middle East.  Time Europe says outside powers can play only
a limited role in shaping events.
InternetNews reports on a study by Cisco that forecasts a
quadrupling in Internet IP traffic demand over the next four
AskMen says it is truly amazing that Anthony Weiner and the
men we entrust our nation to don't comprehend the simple
fact that the digital world of social media is not an
erasable marker board.