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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-05-25

In this issue:  Source of the national debt, IMF scandal,
and coping with job loss.

Motley Fool says the Pew Trust has an interesting paper
discussing a point often overlooked: where all our national
debt came from.

---Drug Trade---
Northern Laos was once notorious for opium, and its
derivative, heroin.  Together with Thailand and Burma, this
mountainous region makes up the Golden Triangle, which once
provided at least half of the world's opium supply,
according to Time Asia.

Motley Fool wonders whether the IMF president's sex scandal
become a drag on bank earnings.

  E-Discovery Improved - Clustering

Layoffs and job loss are the norm nowadays -- even at the
top -- and how you cope in the aftermath could shape your
career for decades down the line.  Follow AskMen's advice,
and getting fired might turn out to be the best thing that
ever happened to you.

Seventeen years on, Time Europe asks Paul Kagame how Rwanda
has dealt with the aftermath of the genocide.

Despite Congress' eleventh-hour move in December to head off
sharply higher estate taxes, Registered Rep. says confusion
remains over the future of the levies.