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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-04-20

In this issue:  Slashing the deficit, a new 911 system, and
Libya's oil.

President Barack Obama laid out a plan to slash $4 trillion
from the deficit between now and 2023.  Motley Fool explains
how it'll get done.

Time Europe says the new 911 will be an entirely new
creature: an intelligent network of networks that will not
just find you faster but also read your texts and watch your
video at the same time that it may track threats to the
entire nation.

  E-Discovery Improved - Clustering

Where has Libya's oil gone?  BusinessWeek says Italy's Eni
and others have to deal with rebels and loyalists,
essentially shutting down operations until the outcome is

As did HBO's western Deadwood and historical drama Rome,
Thrones takes a familiar, oft-romanticized genre -- epic
fantasy -- dirties it up and blurs the moral lines,
according to Time Europe.