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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-04-06

In this issue:  Bailouts, nuclear energy, and public pensions.

Truth is, the U.S. has been giving bailouts for decades. 
While the 2008 bailouts were the largest, they were by no
means the first time Uncle Sam has come to the rescue of
failing businesses.  Motley Fool provides a brief history of

  E-Discovery Improved - Clustering

Can there really be so little economic global impact from
Japan's disaster?  BusinessWeek explains why the bullish
forecasters could be wrong.

Time Europe wonders, can Japan as a whole renew itself,
moving on many fronts at the same time -- economic,
cultural, political, official -- and hand the levers of
social change to those who have been marginalized in the
past: women, the young, even immigrants?

---Nuclear Energy---
Nuclear accidents like Japan's Fukushima crisis are scary. 
So is a future without nuclear power, according to BusinessWeek.

---Public Pensions---
Do we want public pensions?  BusinessWeek says there are
compelling reasons why we do.