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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-03-16

In this issue:  The cost of health care, the outlook for
bonds, and personal transformation.

---Health Care---
Motley Fool asks whether the quality of the medical care in
the U.S. is worth the price.

Motley Fool reports that PIMCO Total Return Fund has
unloaded the last of its U.S. Treasury bonds.  Should
investors be concerned?
Motley Fool takes an initial look at which companies may
benefit and which will struggle following Japan's mammoth

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---Personal Transformation---
Time Europe studies personal transformation and discusses
the pending case of three people who died in an Arizona
sweat lodge.  The people were on a "spiritual warrior
retreat" led by James Arthur Ray.

In our current environment, you would think that if a sitcom
about city government were to work, it would have to be a
vicious satire.  Time Europe says Parks and Recreation is
not such a show.

Time Europe tells the story of a Wisconsin returning soldier
who suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome and killed
himself and his family.