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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-03-09

In this issue:  White collar crime, a potential source of
earthquakes, and the impact of celebrities behaving badly.

Motley Fool ponders why rich people like Bernie Madoff and
Rajat Gupta do such stupid things.
BusinessWeek says the SEC's expanded administrative powers
under Dodd-Frank helped shape its insider-training case
against business legend Rajat Gupta.

Motley Fool says hydraulic fracturing to harvest natural gas
may be the reason Arkansas' earthquakes are up by a factor
of 20 in a year.

Motley Fool points out that rising prices have weakened some
of the punch out of the Social Security tax break that was
supposed to spur consumer spending.  Inflation's affecting
all kinds of staples, putting pressure on American budgets.

School budgets are so strapped these days that parent groups
are not only battling to keep basics in the classroom, but
some parents are even fighting one another, according to
Time Europe.

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USA*Engage, a coalition with a membership reported to
include Halliburton, ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips, and
Shell, has opposed unilateral sanctions on Libya, calling it
a "failed strategy."  Motley Fool explains why an oil
industry group would do that.

Since the beginning, Americans have resented government
workers' asking for money.  Time Europe says the distrust
ebbs and flows, but the less financial security we have, the
angrier we get.

BusinessWeek says public sector unions are being targeted
for pay cuts, benefit cuts, salary cuts, and loss of
collective bargaining rights.

BusinessWeek says the bad behavior of stars such as Charlie
Sheen can have a big impact beyond the bad press.  Just ask
CBS and Warner Bros.
Watson is the computer program trained to answer questions
for Jeopardy!  You can imagine giving it information so it
could answer [impromptu] questions, but Time Europe says it
would still be responding only from content it's been given
and analyzed.