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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-03-02

In this issue:  Rising oil, falling wages, and revolution.

The Motley Fool considers the impact that $100 oil will have
on the economy.
Time Europe says the fact that wages in the U.S. and most
other rich countries have been falling since the 1970s and
went off a cliff after the recent financial crisis is going
to become a more pressing economic and political concern.

A style expert, who reported from Sunday's 83rd Annual
Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre, sorts out red-carpet
power dressing from red-carpet messes and shares a real-guy
approach to formal style with AskMen.

Time Europe reviews Hall Pass, the new comedy from the
writing-directing team of Bobby and Peter Farrelly.  In the
film, Rhode Island housewife Maggie (Jenna Fischer) is sick
of catching her husband Rick (Owen Wilson) ogling other women.

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Time Europe looks at Gaddafi's last stand.  Leave it to
Libya's Muammar Gaddafi to show the world how a tyrant goes
down: with bluster, belligerence and blood.
On the face of it, there are similarities between China and
those nations catalyzed by the Jasmine Revolution, according
to Time Asia.  While China is not ruled by a dictator
entrenched for decades, an authoritarian, one-party regime
has long held power.
BusinessWeek says Saudi Arabia has thus far escaped tumult
thanks to tighter market controls and better social programs
than its neighbors.
In the 10 weeks since demonstrations began in Tunisia, the
Arab Middle East has been messiness personified, according
to Time Europe.

BusinessWeek explains why stripping collective bargaining
rights from public-sector workers is worth debating.

The yoga trademarking craze is on, and BusinessWeek says
aspiring gurus are flowing in.  Of the 2,213 trademark
applications containing the word "yoga," more than 2,000
have been filed since 2001 relating to yoga styles and products.