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In this issue:  New trends in diets, the cause of the
financial collapse, and revolutions in the Middle East.

When it comes to addiction, the line between morality and
disease has always been blurry.  But only in the past 25
years have we come to regard excesses in necessary cravings
-- hunger for food, lust for sex -- as possible disease
states, according to Time Europe.

Time Europe says Weight Watchers' new system moves away from
calorie counting to penalize fat and empty calories as it
tries to steer dieters toward more natural, less processed food.
BusinessWeek reveals how juice cleansing became the chicest
get-thin-quick scheme.  Many appear willing to endure the
potential danger of limiting their diet to 1,000 or so
liquid calories per day.

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Vanity Fair contributor and author of All the Devils Are
Here, Bethany McLean suggests to RealtorMag Online that
there were many culpable players in the recent financial

Time Europe ponders how Europe can help the revolutions in
the Middle East succeed.
BusinessWeek says Obama's 2012 budget priorities smack of
Keynesian interventionism to Republican free-market purists.