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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2011-01-05

In this issue:  The growth of dollar stores, electric cars,
and predictions for the future of technology.

---Best of 2010---
Motley Fool takes a look at 10 of the best products and
services from the past year.

---Dollar Stores---
Time Europe says Dollar General's fastest-growing customer
segment is households making more than $70,000.  The company
went public again in November 2009.  The stock is up some
33% since the offering.

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---Electric Cars---
The first serious contenders for a mass-scale electric car
are on the road.  They've already changed GM and Nissan. 
BusinessWeek ponders whether they will change the world.

What's next in tech?  InternetNews asked some of the
sharpest followers of the tech scene to get their
predictions for the coming year.
Looking ahead to the next five years in technology,
InternetNews says that IBM predicts 3D display technology
will become pervasive, while batteries lifespan will see a
tenfold increase.