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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-12-15

In this issue:  Job trends, a threat to your 401(k), and
retribution for companies causing problems for WikiLeaks.

InternetNews reports that ICANN has postponed
long-anticipated approval of new generic Top Level Domain
system and .XXX domain as world governments raise concerns.
For all those obsessed with the Internet search trends,
Motley Fool says the year-end report from Google is out.
Lost or stolen laptops and USB drives are a serious security
threat for corporations, but InternetNews says personal
email accounts are becoming an even bigger target for

Online employment sites Elance and oDesk detail some of the
hotter IT hiring trends in 2010 and give some predictions
for the year ahead, according to InternetNews.

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Motley Fool warns that the Labor Department has seen a sharp
uptick in the number of fraud and theft cases involving
401(k) plans.

How did Qatar get the World Cup?  AskMen says sane outsiders
are baffled.  FIFA's choice of hosts for World Cups 2018 and
2022 just doesn't seem to make sense.

Search Engine Watch says a cyberwar has been launched, with
Anonymous attacking websites of entities at odds with
WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.
Motley Fool reports that hackers area attacking major U.S.
companies in retribution for the problems they've caused for