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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-11-17

In this issue:  Bush's book, geoengineering, and Microsoft's

---Bush's Book---
In his memoir, George W. Bush breaks his Presidency up into
a series of decision-making case studies.  BusinessWeek
points out that, unfortunately, running a country isn't just
a series of decisions.
In Bush's new book, he candidly admits to things he wishes
he could do over.  By taking action, fostering a competent
image and holding onto your principles, AskMen says you can
learn from his reflection on his own mistakes -- and avoid
them in your own life.

The only real solution to global warming is to end our
dependency on fossil fuels.  Doing this will take time --
time that geoengineering can give us.  Time Europe says we'd
be mad not to take it seriously.

Time Europe says using Microsoft's new Kinect gaming sensor
is better than being a Jedi.