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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-10-13

In this issue:  Trouble looming for the banks, funeral
protesters, and toxic mud reaching the Danube.

Motley Fool points out that foreclosure practices at major
lenders will go under a microscope this week, and looks at
the potential fallout.

---Free Speech---
In rare instances when courts limit speech, they have long
preferred that restrictions be based on the truthfulness,
rather than the offensiveness, of the language.  Now the
Supreme Court will wade through the tangled rulings
appellate courts have issued in recent years regarding
military funeral protests, according to Time Europe.

---Toxic Mud---
Chemistry World reports that the Hungarian toxic mud has
reached the Danube.  Since the disaster occurred on Monday,
emergency services have been struggling to prevent 700,000
cubic meters of caustic red mud reaching the Danube, using
plaster to dam the flow.